Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Can't Beat Momma's Cooking

There is a truth in life that can never be overturned.  You can never be as good of a cook as your mother, and I have proven it this week.  Using yesterday as an example I will explain how one can only dream of being as good of a cook as your madre.  

Yesterday I was craving some cinnamon rolls; but not just any cinnamon rolls, the kind of cinnamon rolls my mother makes.  As I was house sitting for parents I decided I would try to make these cinnamon rolls.  I pulled out the recipe and with a little help from my friends we followed the instructions.  We did exactly what the recipe said and made cinnamon rolls that looked just like my moms.  BUT they did not taste like my mother's, and it was at that point I realized moms have a special touch.  They can make any food taste great.  I can slave away all I want and never be able to make as good of rolls as mi madre.

I hope this holiday season we all realize how awesome our mothers are and that we enjoy their cooking, because you won't ever be able to replicate it.

Happy Holidays!

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